This website is for sale

Dear fellow Pinballer

All good times come to an end...

Due to new business opportunities I have decided to let go as pinball mod maker.

But 'letting go', does not mean 'to waste’! Therefore I'm offering now this mod making business for sale!

If you're interested in taking over please send me an email: - Home of Pinball Enhancements

TRON Light Cycles

Replace the current non enlighted metal lightcycles for a set of detailed and very nice lighted ones.

This set is easy install (and removable) and will fit perfectly on the already used base plates.


Medieval Madness Castle 2.0

Available in several setups! From a single front castle to a fully loaded setup. Combine your castle with extra LED mods to enhance your Medieval Madness Castle even more.

On default all Castle setups will be custom painted and provided with a UV protective varnish. You may even choose the the style of finish -> Gloss, Semi or Matt Finish!

Double Headed Dragon - Dual Eyes

The Double Headed Dragon Mod has special Dual Color eyes. On default the dragon eyes are red. On flasher the eyes turn mean purple like. Also the mouth/flam of the dragon fires on the flasher action.

Medieval Madness Orc

The Medieval Madness Pinball Orc Mod is provided with Fiber Optic technology and makes the eyes of the Orc light up.

Optionally can be choosen for different eye colors at no extra charge. Default colors are Amber/Red/Green. If you like Blue/White are possible. Even dual colored eyes are on request.

Medieval Madness Troll Heads

Our Medieval Madness Troll Heads are also highly customized. For the colors of the Led eyes you can choose out of a wide range of colors (Amber, Red, Green, Blue ?). We can even provide your Troll Heads with mixed colored eyes.

Each head got Custom Painted to enhance all the repulsive details and will be finished with a protective varnish in Gloss, Semi or Matt.

Medieval Madness Custom Backboard

This custom made backboard replaces the playfield decaled backboard on the Medieval Madness pinball machine. The lightning strikes artwork is custom airbrushed and resembles the orginal decal but in way more detail.

Cut to exact dimensions and painted in a gloss finish this PinWize backboard is a worthy enhancement for every MM Pinball machine!

MM Flickering Candlelight Mod

The PinWize Flickering Candlelight Tower LED Mod makes it really lookes like your Medieval Madness Castle is inhabited. This mod creates the illusion like someone is burning candles down withing the tower(s).

The flickering effect which resembles burning candles is totally random and comes in amber color. Included video shows the Candlelight mod effect.

MM 'Shoot for Damsel' Mod

This mod is specially developed for the Damsel Tower, which is the most right tower of the Castle assembly.

When to "Shoot for Damsel" (the diverter goes down) the ball entry tower will be lit up. This is a great enhancement since there is no really good indicator when to Shoot for Damsel.

MM Green Arch Mod

This mod enlights the rather dark area around the castle front entrance. The green light matches great with the overall color scheme of the green on the castlewall itself and of the moat beneath the castle.

Even the Shaking Towers behind the castle wall are accented from the base up.

MM Catapult Plastic LED Mod

The area around the catapult launch arm is rather darkish. PinWize has created a pro Led Mod with enlights that area, which enhance the all important catapult action during the game.

The catapult Plastic Mod is (very) easy install and comes in warm white. You may even choose the type of Led lens used in this mod -> Clear or Difuse.

Special Request? Do you have a special request for your pinball machine? ... Feel free to drop your ideas and whished at the emailaddress below to get even more stunning
mods & enhancements into your pinball machines. We'll do what we can to make your whishes come true, because the pinball-sky has no limit!