We try to keep shippingcost as low as possible and therefore always use shipping methods which suits the content best vs. cost. But since it's not always clear how much shipping will cost upfront, we calculate a fixed shipping price. If wanted, packages can also be insured (if it's not provided on default shipping method) and/or provided with track 'n trace options. Customers are accounted for additional cost.

Indicative shipping cost for Letters [max. 32mm thickness]

NL = $3.- Europe = $5.- Worldwide = $8.-

Indicative shipping cost for Packages

NL = $10.- Europe = $30.- Worldwide = $50.-

REFUND EXCESS SHIPPING When buying items directly from our website all excess shipping cost will be refunded directly into your paypal account! In the event of a combined shipping we will always try to find the best option for sending your goods (cost & timewise)!