Medieval Madness Custom Backboard by PinWize

INFO This Medieval Madness enhancement contains a BRANDNEW, cut to exact dimensions, wooden backboard, which is custom airbrush artwork. Finally the backboard is finished in a gloss varnish. Since this is a 100% custom job, the actual outcome of the artwork will slightly differ from panel to panel. If pleased, photos of your ordered panel can be send before shipping for approval! No problem at all.

Custom Airbrushed Lightning Strikes Backboard

The artwork resembles the original lightning strikes but are far more detailed. Take notice of the addition of blue night sky with lightning clouds.

AUG '13 Serie of MM Backboards

Oops... SOLD

- Blue version with lightning strikes resemble original backboard.
Price: 99.-

- Deep Blue sky with purple lightning glow. Lightning shape resemble orginal artwork.
Oops... SOLD

- Cool Blue version with own interpretation of lightning strikes.
Oops... SOLD

- Blue sky with purple lightning glow. Free interpretation of lightning artwork.
Price: 99.-

- Blue version with grey sky. Lightning strikes resemble original backboard.


ATTENTION: The backboard comes without electronical parts!! These are only shown for informative purpose.

For orders just send an E-mail to: