Medieval Madness Candlelight Install

Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the Medieval Madness Candlelight Mod. This guide is, as it's stated, a guide. Your free to follow your own ideas. If you have a great addition or you'll find info missing, please contact us and we'll help you out.

1. First you need to cut out the two windows. This can be done from the outside with a sharp pointy knive.

2. On the backside of the castle you find the entry hole of the left tower. It’s located above the flap door. From there you can lower the led down into the tower. N.b. If put the led near the underside of the tower, it will give a more realistic effect!

3. Wiring can be led down beside the back column of the main castle entry. Use tie wraps to hold them tight and out of sight.

4. Down besides the moat, lead the wire to the nearest GI (General Illumination) bulb and connect the wire ends to the bulb connection. ATTENTION: [MAX 6.3 Volt!]

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