Medieval Madness Flickering Candlelight Mod by PinWize

INFO In real life no castle has fully closed windows! So why the Medieval Madness Castle leave that way? You can upgrade the castle tower with a profesional Flickering Candelight Mod developed by PinWize. By this mod it will look like there are real candles burning within the tower. If you prefer and want to go nuts, you can even decide to upgrade each and every tower in of the castle -> Left Front Tower + Right Front Tower + All five towers of the shaking Tower Section. - That's a pretty occupied Castle you have there Mate!

Price: $35.-

Flickering Candelight Mod

Below some pictures + a video of how the Flickering Tower mod acts in the Castle Tower.


This mod is a separate item which have to be installed yourself. The mod comes without the castle and/or Skull Red Eyes Mod! It's easy install, although you have to cut castle windows out! For full installation instruction go to: Candlelight Mod Install Guide

For orders just send an E-mail to:

Flickering Candlelight Mod in action