Medieval Madness Castle Installation Guide

Full guide will follow...

This guide is not yet fully available, but here are some recommendations you need to take into accout when installing the MM Castle!

Wiring Use this schematic for connecting the wires of the mods! Rule of thumb is that ALL mods are made for 6.3 Volts MAX unless mentioned otherwise.

Part MAX Connect to
Flickering Candlelight Mod [left/right] 6.3V GI / Insert bulb
Skull Red Eyes mod 6.3V GI / Insert bulb
Shield Skull mod 6.3V GI / Insert bulb
Green Arch mod 6.3V GI / Insert bulb
Scoop Spot Mod 6.3V GI / Insert bulb
Shoot for Damsel mod 50V Diverter coil
Tower Section Mod [Each tower] 6.3V GI / Insert bulb

Bending right side castle Use HOT AIR to heat the bendable area of the right castle part BEFORE bending. Otherwise it's very likely you'll break the part on two!! So again... heat the part (not that hot it starts melting but just till you feel it becomes flexible). Bend it just ONCE and let it cool in bended position. Be careful!

Towers install When connecting the towers back on their bases ALIGN the axle of the towerbase with the BLACK indicator points! These indicators can be found on the bottom edge of each tower.