Medieval Madness Catapult Install

Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the Medieval Madness Catapult Mod. This guide is, as it's stated, a guide. Your free to follow your own ideas. If you have a great addition or you'll find info missing, please contact us and we'll help you out.

1. Peel away the release liner on the bottom of the mod.

2. Stick the mod easily on the playfield, somewhere in the area underneath the Catapult Plastic. Wiring can best go throught the outlane adjustment hole [only if you have not setup the adjusterpole to max position].

3. lead the wire to the nearest GI (General Illumination) bulb and connect the wire ends to the bulb connection.
ATTENTION: [MAX 6.3 Volt!].

Tiewraps Use the tiewraps to bind the loose wires together + the leading wire to existing wire bundleds for neath wiring.

Alligator Clips Included are a set of Alligator Clips -> Allthough soldering wires to the GI is best, you can also connect the clips to the wire ends and connect the clips to the GI.

Do you want [additional] one? For ordering a Medieval Madness Pinball Catapult Plastic GI Mod got to our Catapult Plastic Mod order page.