Medieval Madness Double Headed Dragon Mod by PinWize

INFO This mod replaces the original single headed Dragon. The PinWize Double Headed dragon is provided with bright colored Eyes. On default the eyes are amber and on flasher action the the dragon's mouth spits redish FIRE!

Price: $189.-

Double Headed Dragon Mod


Pictures do the talking... : )

The color of the eyes is of choice. There can be chosen for amber, red, blue, green, white and purple.

Each dragon gets a mouth flasher which gets connected to the Dragon flasher for an extra dramatic effect! There is also a range of colors to choose from although less than the eye colors: Red and White are the most profound options.

The closeUp image of the head shows how well the eyes fit into the head proportionally. As you can see there is NO just drilled in LED's, which usually won't fit!

Our dragon makes use of fiber optic technology... that's why this is the Medieval Madness Double Headed Dragon 2.0

Price: $169.-

Other colors....


Same receipe, but just different dragon colors...

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