Medieval Madness Green Arch Install

Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the Medieval Madness 'Shoot for Damsel' Mod. This guide is, as it's stated, a guide. Feel free to follow your own ideas if they turn out to be better. In case you'll find info missing, please contact us and we'll do our best help you out.

ATTENTION: For best / easy installation it's recommended to remove the Medieval Madness Castle front side first.

1. Drill a 3mm / 7/64" hole in the top center of the front castle entrance arch.

2. Push the led gently up side down through the hole. We recommend to put a drop of glue on the inner/back side of hole for secure installation.

3. lead the wires down through the hole in the playfield to the nearest GI (General Illumination) bulb and connect the wire ends to the bulb connection. ATTENTION: [MAX 6.3 Volt!]

4. Use the tiewraps to bind the loose wires to the assembly & the leading wires to existing wire bundleds for neath and save wiring.

Alligator Clips Included are a set of Alligator Clips -> Allthough soldering wires to the GI is best for reliable connection, you may choose also to connect alligator clips to the wire ends and connect those to a GI bulb fitting. This benefits of an easy removable connection.

Do you want one? For ordering a Medieval Madness Pinball Green Arch Mod got to our Green Arch Mod order page.