Troll Head LED Eyes DIY from Kit

Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing LED eyes in a Medieval Madness Troll Head from a PinWize 'Do It Yourself' Kit. If you have a great addition or you'll find info missing, please contact us and we'll help you out.

BEWARE !! This could be a painstaking process which requires a reasonable amount of skill in the art of soldering, stripping and the assembly of electronical parts, and ehhh... Patience : )

What you need Here we go...
  1. First you need to drill the eye holes. Use first a sharp 1mm drill. Drill exactly straight down. After drilling the 1mm holes, widen them with the 3mm drill. The led will fit snugg into the holes.
  2. Stick the led in the holes. Make sure you have the long wire [plus] to the left.
  3. Bend the inner wires flat and make sure they connect. Mark with a marker both ends. Remove the leds out of the head [You don't want to burnmark the head while soldering!]. Keep track of the long wire!
  4. Cut the wires on both marks.
  5. Cut a small piece (about 1/2") of 1/8" heatshrink. Solder the wires on [at least] one end together while holding both wire ends + the heatshrink aside with nippers.
  6. Let the heatshrink loose and put it nicely over the length of the wires. Heat the the heatshrink till it's shrunken enough to protect the wires.
  7. Very important: testfit the setup in the head! Adjust when necessary and finally bend the outer wires UP to form a triangle shape. Cut the wires short.
  8. Cut the leading wires. Let the plus/long wires just a bit longer than minus. Solder the BLACK wire to MINUS & solder the RED wire to the PLUS side. Cut the left over 1/8" heatshrink in half, put it over the wires till it cover the soldered parts. Shrink them. Close the triangle with a small piece of 3/16" heatshrink.
  9. Test the connection!! You can use best a battery setup of max 2x AA batteries. If you use more voltage take an appropriate transistor! The supplied transistor will do up to 50V!
  10. Lead the LEDs into the head.
  11. Now the tricky part! Hold them behind the drilled out holes, and work them trough the holes with a flathead srewdriver like a lever. Be secure, because small parts bend and break easily!!!
  12. Work the remaining wire trough the round hole underneath the head. You probably have to clear the hole with a screwdriver or drill first.
  13. TEST AGAIN to make sure the leds still work.
  14. !!! Solder the Diode + Resistor together. Beware of the order; Plus pole, resistor first, than the diode (grey band on right side!!), then the leds followed by minus / black wire. I recommend to put the resitor + diode combo somewhere on the beginning of the red wire, so you can cover them fully within heatshrink and keep them away from the moving parts of the wire (while in use!) Image will follow...
  15. TEST AGAIN to make sure the leds still work. Image will follow...
  16. Now you only have to cover the wires fully in 3/16" heatshrink for protection. For further install instruction, click on the link below...
From here you go ahead with installing a MM Troll Head.

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