Medieval Madness Troll Head Install

Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the Medieval Madness Troll Head LED Mod. This guide is, as it's stated, a guide. Your free to follow your own ideas. If you have a great addition or you'll find info missing, please contact us and we'll help you out.

1. Installation of the troll heads works best if you remove the troll assembly from under the playfield. Skip this step and start with point 2 will also do, but makes work harder to get it done nicely and without possible damage.

2. Your able to replace the head after removing the four screws beside the coil.

3. Connect the BLACK [mod] wire to the ORANGE coil wire. Connect the RED [mod] wire to the RED coil wire.
Soldering the wires is prefered above using a croco-clip due to high voltage + soldering wont loose connection.

4. Bind the leading wire to the assembly with a tiewrap! Down below the coil bind the wire WITH A SMALL LOOP to prevent breaking if tension arises in the wire.

5. When pushing the troll assy out to max, the leading wire may not have any tension. A slight bend in the wire will be enough. Make also sure it runs free when put back in the machine.

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